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November 25, 2006

Career Tips For New Graduates

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As I give mock interviews to students and alumni, the question that seems to stump most of them is:

Other than your degree at (College or University) what else are you doing to secure your position in the industry?

While your degree is important, employers want to see that you have progressively moved into your career. Book knowledge is important as it sets the foundation, however, your participation in extra cirricular activities may launch you ahead of the competition.

Here are two activities you should consider:


An internship provides the student with an understanding of career demands and qualifications.  Internships allow students to connect what they have learned in class with how it will be applied in a work setting.

Job boards like Monster, Hotjobs and Careerbuilder provide a list of internship opportunities. You can also visit update list of internship opportunties and resources.

Professional Organizations

Employers seeking individuals who field knowledge is not dependent on book knowledge. Joining professional organizations send a message to your potential employer that you are committed to developing your experience.

Many graduates over look the potential of networking while joining professional organizations. These organizations typically announce employment opportunities that are available only to members via newletters, email and job lists.

Here are two resources to help you research professional organizations in your field of study:

Associations on the Net — This site, from The Internet Public Library, lists organizations that have a Web presence, enabling you to explore groups you might want to join.

Gateway to Associations Online — Maintained by the American Society of Association Executives, this site provides a comprehensive directory to Web sites of business and professional associations.

Theresa Johnson has worked as Career Services Advisor for a private institution for over 5 years; assisting more than 250 individuals in finding full-time employment. Visit for more information on career resources tips.


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