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October 15, 2006

Secret Job Source Produces Interviews and Job Offers

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I have suggested many resources during my career as a Career Service Advisor to both students and alumni. Monster, Hotjobs, CareerBuilder are a few of the many resources I have suggested.

About 3 years ago one of my co-workers suggested that I use another resource to assist candidates in finding employment.

This secret source is a community board where individuals are able to post anything, for free in most cases.

I was a bit skeptical but I decided to try it out.

My husband was unemployed at the time so we used this source to find him employment in the Information Technology. We sent his resume to several position and literally within minutes he began to receive email and calls for positions. It was absolutely amazing.

My best friend was layed off from her job and I suggested that she use this secret source to find employment. She sent her resume to several positions and landed 4 interviews and two offers in one week….talk about amazing. She accepted one of the offers.

Many of my students/alumni have even found opportunities using this source.

The key to success using this source is persistence. Employers post positions hourly.

You can find this recommended secret source on our website under Career Resources –


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  1. Job hunting is a numbers game, the more employers that see your cover letter and resume, the more times it is going to reach the right employer at the right time, creating an interview for you…period. The more interviews, the more offers, and the better your ability to find and negotiate the perfect job. makes it affordable to mass market yourself to thousands of employers, and addresses your resume to the people who make the actual hiring decisions.

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    Matthew A. Saunders

    Here are a Couple Recent Job Success Stories Using JobsByFax.

    “I was so pleased with your service. I got immediate response and have already told my friends, other job seekers and professional coaches about the services effectiveness. I spent a year with barely a nibble on my resume and in one day I had 8 interviews that led to an excellent position. What really makes your service different is my resume was one that needed to be READ and looking back is not an internet resume. THANK YOU…”
    Daniel Turetsky • Roslyn Heights, NY

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    “I just wanted to say thank you!!! I wish I would have known about your program a year ago. I have been searching for a job for the last 8 months and I was really having a hard time. I came across your web page and decided to check it out. I am sure glad I did. I was skeptical at first about the program but thought I would try it. WOW! I had 20 to 30 calls a day from companies. I could not believe it. I had to pick and choose who I wanted to interview with and I got a job within a week. What a great program. Thanks again!!”

    Get 10 to 50+ Employers You Choose, Calling You For Interviews, In The Next 72 Hours…Click Here:

    “I hadn’t worked regularly in months. I was out looking for work, but nobody seemed to be hiring. On my own I had mailed, e-mailed or delivered in person maybe a hundred resumes. I received some mild interest, but mostly rejection letters and no followup to speak of. I had bills piling up and I thought I was heading for disaster. I was going nowhere fast.Until, that is, I found out about JobsByFax and everything changed. JobsByFax is simply the best work-referral service I’ve ever encountered.

    Within a week, one week, of having my cover letter and resume faxed to hundreds of potential employers, I received more than 70 inquiries! Three of those led to firm offers.

    What I really like about JobsByFax is that it puts the job hunter in charge. You target the industries and business of your choice and you pick the region of the country your resume and letter will be sent to. It’s a terrific feeling to know that your work history and skills set are going to be seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of eyes.

    Investing in JobsByFax was one of the best decisions I ever made. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Thank you, Matt Saunders. You’ve come up with a brilliant idea that is going to help many, many people.”
    James Schultz • Williamsburg, VA

    Get 10 to 50+ Employers You Choose, Calling You For Interviews, In The Next 72 Hours…Click Here:

    Comment by Marcus — October 15, 2006 @ 3:41 pm

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